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About Us

The original irrigation manufacturer and wholesaler

As a single source wholesale distributor for irrigation parts and systems, Lake Company provides high quality pipe, valves, fittings, wheel moves and pumps to satisfy the needs of the irrigation industry.

Founded in 1977, Lake Company is headquartered in Bakersfield, CA, where we strive to deliver exceptional equipment and first rate service. Each of us at Lake Company take a personal investment in providing you service, from first contact to delivery.

As a pipe manufacturer, we understand the need for quality and durable products. We stand behind our pipe and fittings, and proudly see them still used in fields decades after they were originally manufactured at our California tube mill and foundry locations.

Our quality control ensures that you receive the superior product. Each joint of pipe we manufacture is hydrostatically tested to withstand more than 200 PSI during the manufacturing process. This means you get pipe that will not leak and that is backed up by our warranty.

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